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(Re)Mind Your Body

Mobility – Balance - Wellbeing - Creativity - Mindfulness

(Re)Mind Your Body© is a developing social enterprise providing dance, arts and health, and Feldenkrais Method® activities, in Cumbria and beyond.

Virginia Taylor PhD develops and leads programmes from her base in the Lake District in Northern England.

More than half a century's experience of loving to move - dancing first, Tai Chi, swimming, fellwalking, and more recently Feldenkrais - offers a rich source of materials to share with others.

Virginia is a qualified Feldenkrais practitioner, and Awareness through Movement classes and Functional Integration sessions are held regularly in Penrith and Carlisle in Cumbria, and elsewhere on request.

Activities also include Dance Companies and classes for dance-lovers - including Dance for Parkinson's - and choreographing and facilitating dance based events for all.

(RE)Mind Your Body © specialises in providing movement and arts activities for adults and seniors. We aim to help people maintain or re-find ease and pleasure in movement - suppleness, balance, coordination, confidence. Moving has great benefits for well-being – body, mind, mood, and memory. Practical exercises and anatomical knowledge maintain or recover ease of movement for the whole body in safety. For any age or level of fitness – you can do a movement smaller, or even in your imagination. It still has an effect on your well-being – body, mind, and memory.

“Feldenkrais is not just pushing muscles around, but changing things in the brain itself.”

Karl Pribram, M.D., Neuroscientist, Stanford University, Winner of the Havel Prize in Neuroscience

Thanks to the Australian Feldenkrais Guild for this: