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(Re)Mind Your Body

Backs and Hips - back to the hips again!

Strong & Stable (!) - Flexible too

(Flexible isn't wobbly - stable isn't stiff).

Feldenkrais Movement Workshop

Enjoy using easy movement & focused attention to co-ordinate hip & back functions (which of course means leg function too).

Better hip function will improve your mobility and strength and avoid pain and strain. Lots of people aren't clear how it all works. This workshop offers

you experiences of how it feels (and how efficient it can all be)

When you are clear how your hips work and how strong they are, you can regain trust in walking, standing, bending, lifting, sitting -

Saturday 10th February 2018

10.30 – 14.30

Penrith Friends Meeting House, CA11 7TR

Booking essential £25 on door - £18 in advance

0797 796 1563

Contact via the website now or email direct

[email protected]

The Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement programme engages the brain’s plasticity to reorganise your movement habits and bring about improvements in the body’s comfort and function.