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(Re)Mind Your Body


Balance and find easy rotation in sitting & standing

Getting up on two legs makes for better all-round viewing and launching off in any direction - but forfeits stability.

The 'pivot strategy' needed to operate well as a biped can become less secure with injury and confidence (we don't need to put it down to the age thing). Then we're more likely to have balance problems and accidents when we react and turn more slowly and less accurately.

Enjoy using movement and focused attention to improve your balancing, turning, driving, gardening, golf, music, dancing …

I tried to upload you a video of Baryschnikov doing 11 pirouettes in the film White Nights but I cannot do it. That is the pivot strategy taken ad absurdum. Of course it involves the eyes/focus. Go have a look. You will also see the fabulous Greg Hines, of blessed memory.

Saturday 11 March 2017 10.30 – 14.30

Penrith Friends Meeting House, CA11 7TR

Booking essential £25 on door - £18 in advance

0797 796 1563 Virginia Taylor PhD, FG(UK)

Also: 1-to-1 lessons various locations & weekly group classes Penrith, Carlisle.

  Stiff neck, shoulders, tired eyes, tension headache? Feldenkrais classes reorganise your movement habits without tears. Solving movement puzzles puts you in learning mode - you engage the brain’s plasticity to bring about improvements in the body’s comfort & function.