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(Re)Mind Your Body

Easy Balanced Sitting

Movement Workshop

Learn cleverer sitting - ‘stand’ evenly on your pelvis and rest your balanced torso, arms, head on that support.

Efficient movement feels better and isn’t difficult.

Saturday 26 September 2015 10.30 – 14.30 PENRITH Friends Meeting House, CA11 7TR

Booking essential £21 on door - £16 in advance (refund no, ‘exchange’ yes)

Email for further information from this website or call 0797 796 1563


Moshe Feldenkrais and


Artur Rubinstein, 1962.

· you can work at your keyboard or instrument without back pain

· you can use your arms, hands, shoulders and wrists and fingers in a comfortable and effective way when reaching, playing music, driving, using keyboard...

· you can easily support yourself without muscular strain as your ribs,

shoulderblades, pelvic floor take their share of your task and goal

you and your horse can move happily together

('Better riding with Feldenkrais')

The Feldenkrais Method® is an accessible, practical, and enjoyable system of movement re-education that can help everybody, young or old, to achieve better movement, better balance and an improved quality of life. You will be guided through a scientifically structured series of easy (sometimes surprising) movements - done at your own pace and with awareness. These enable you to change as you learn, slowly and gently, how each movement is most efficiently done. Feldenkrais is neuroplasticity in action – the brain that changes itself and the body too (See The Brain’s Way of Healing, science writer Norman Doidge, M.D.) Many people experience an immediate change in flexibility, balance and ease of movement. Improvements in confidence and gait may take a little longer.