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(Re)Mind Your Body

Specially for the panto season . . .


Difficulties balancing, turning, driving, golf? Stiff neck, shoulders, tension headache?

Learn to reorganise your movement habits with some Classic Feldenkrais Mindfulness & Movement lessons

DECEMBER 10 Tuesday 18.00 -21.45 Kirkby Stephen Town centre venue (public parking)

DECEMBER 14 Saturday 10.30 – 14.30 Penrith Friends Meeting House, M.House Lane CA11 7TR (private park)

Contact or 0797 796 1563, Virginia Taylor PhD FG(UK) Booking essential £20 (£15 earlybird 7 days ahead, refund no, ‘exchange’ yes)

The workshops will comprise group classes 'Awareness through Movement' (ATM), 'lecture' and discussion, and last approx 3.5 - 4 hours including breaks. Bring a light packed meal/snack - tea and coffee provided. Wear loose warm clothes including socks: bring a blanket or rug to lie on (extras if you're bony) and a large towel to fold as a pillow if you need it. (Actual pillows can get in the way).

First 2014 workshop


ankles, feet, knees - mature fell walkers - everyone!!

Lateral thinking for bodies - experience & understand your movement habits with the Feldenkrais approach - then neuroplasticity can reset how you move.

While the workshops focus on the named topics, it is important to remember that we have no separate parts, only one very complex system. What seems to be a neck problem may track back to how you sit or how you walk, or an injury you had years ago which caused you to compensate and somehow you never changed back. The Feldenkrais method turns you into a movement detective looking throughout the body and how you use it. Any workshop can be useful for anyone. Moving better can really change your daily life, and there are very few conditions which prevent improvement.