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(Re)Mind Your Body

Repeat (with some new and some repeated material) of this popular Workshop for


Dry eyes, tired eyes, don’t want to wear specs?

9 November 2013 Saturday 10.30 – 14.30 Penrith

Friends Meeting House, Meeting House Lane CA11 7TR (private parking)

12 November 2013 Tuesday 18.00 -21.45 Kirkby Stephen

Town centre venue (public parking)

Contact through this website or 0797 796 1563, Virginia Taylor

Booking essential £20 on door - £15 earlybird payment (refund no, ‘exchange’ yes)

What will we do?

In 2011 I spent 4 weeks at a Feldenkrais training in Vienna, where I met and heard a lecture by the extraordinary David Webber (read the article by him here: ‎‎), who used the Feldenkrais Method (alongside the Bates Method of natural vision improvement and Buddhist Meditation) to recover his vision. He has developed a Feldenkrais lesson series to help others. ‎‎‎Read more here:


(PDF — 304 KB)

We will draw on David’s programme, do a ‘classic’ Feldenkrais lesson together, and look at other resources. For example, Leo Angart’s Improve Your Eyesight Naturally [Crown House Publishing, 2012] is recommended by my colleague Katrina Patterson – there is an article about them in the Daily Mail -

Much of this book involves NLP activities but there are other things to try ... I am not expecting you to do this one [!?] but I have fixed my dry/sore eyes by a task suggested in this book - spinning!! Not on an exercise bike but whirling dervish type thing, the eyes relaxed so the world seems to move in the opposite direction. Very interesting, I can see a load of little floaters on a sort of transparent plane close to me and the world whizzing behind. I tried it with a friend in a dance class and she fell over so don’t try this at home ahem…….

By the way, the lessons we will do elicit deep nervous system relaxation and are very useful for people with MS and with distressed immune systems so if you know someone … it is a good workshop to introduce them to Feldenkrais, call me.