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(Re)Mind Your Body

From Lying to Sitting to Standing

....with ease and grace!

The first Movement Workshop of 2015 is to relearn and enjoy how to use your own structure against gravity. Being more skilled at moving to and from the floor helps you feel safer.

Effortlessly find yourself sitting - then on the way to your feet!  

As a baby you learned all this through experimentation and kinesthetic feedback. There are some great lessons in the Feldenkrais repertoire which enable you to re-experience and refine that process - at any age and level of fitness, from athletes and dancers to many with injury, post-stroke, MS , Parkinson’s , and other neurological conditions. All you need is curiosity and patience...

(though much of the movement will use lying on the floor so if that’s a problem contact me)

A graphically better version of this page with more info available - email me!

January 17 2015 Saturday 10.30 – 14.30 Penrith

Friends Meeting House, Meeting House Lane CA11 7TR

Booking essential.

£21 on door - £16 in advance (refund no, ‘exchange’ yes)

Virginia Taylor PhD FG(UK)

or 0797 796 1563

The Feldenkrais Method®

is an accessible, practical, and enjoyable system of movement re-education that can help everybody, young or old, to achieve better movement, better balance and an improved quality of life. You will be guided through a scientifically structured series of easy (sometimes surprising) movements - done at your own pace and with awareness. These enable you to change as you learn, slowly and gently, how each movement is most efficiently done – no strain, all brain! Feldenkrais is neuroplasticity in action – the brain that changes itself and the body too. Many people experience an immediate change in flexibility, balance and ease of movement. Improvements in confidence and gait may take a little longer.