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(Re)Mind Your Body


retain or regain mobility and ease

13.10.18 Saturday 10.30 - 2.30

Penrith Friends Meeting House (carpark there)

These workshops are well established now and I notice today I didnt even get round to announcing the last few! on this website... (which must be one of the worst on this wonderful WWW sorry).

We all need to keep able to get down to the floor and back up, and to maintain confidence and ease at moving in all planes. Not to mention being able to paint our own toenails. For the younger for whom that makes no sense, keeping lubricated and supple will improve your yoga and so on (if you do it) - and grace in movement in everyday life for everyone. Riders: your horse will really appreciate your being able to do a micromovement duet with him/her rather than making him/her transport an immovable dead weight in the saddle. Nothing personal.

I may get around to putting some pictures and blurb on here but probably not. I keep the price low because we are not a highwage area. Practical details as last 'year'.

Contact me for more details.