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(Re)Mind Your Body

Virginia Taylor

Virginia Taylor’s career in dance spans work in the community and education as well as performing and choreographing professionally in the UK and US, training professional dancers (Cunningham and ballet) at LIPA and elsewhere, and teaching dance in universities as embodied cultural studies. She is a qualified Feldenkrais teacher. She continues to offer classes for the profession and aspiring professional dancers, choreography for productions, youth dance projects, etc. but is developing new projects with the over-50s. 50 for us was the new 30 – let’s not let 60 be the old 60 ©!

(RE)Mind Your Body ©

Mobility – Balance - Wellbeing

Practical exercises and anatomical knowledge to maintain or recover ease of movement for the whole body in safety. For any age or level of fitness – you can do a movement smaller, or even in your imagination. It still has an effect on your well-being – body, mind, and memory. If you have been used to being very fit and supple, the classes may enable you to experience the somatic feedback you now find hard to access through your habitual practice. These classes can be tailored to fit people with specific movement challenges.

Senior Dance Company

Being creative is a key to happiness, health, and longevity. Dancing is a great way to reach all those things too. Dance companies share making and performing work. Everyone is welcome, male or female, fit or not-so-fit, able to move a lot or a little, who wants to share imaginative times with others. How old is 'senior'? Probably 50 - 110.

Ballet for Adults

A great way to enjoy moving. Suitable for people who have experience of ballet class and can remember the basic steps – even if rusty. To be done in soft shoes, socks, or bare feet – with no pressure to achieve. You can look on ballet as a physical Sudoku – remembering the patterns and performing them in time and space is good for your mind and memory. Did you know that a study found dancing was the only physical activity whose control group had statistically reduced onset of Alzheimer’s? (n engl j med 348;25 june 19 2003).

Movement, music, and reminiscence

Sessions for older adults tailored for the needs of the participants. Sometimes all seated; some groups may wish to make a presentation for family and friends; others may need one-to-one communication. Sessions and projects will normally be arranged in consultation with activity providers.

Virginia is a member of the Woolclip Co-operative

organisers of Woolfest - Woolfest 2013 will be held on Friday 28 June 10am-6pm & Saturday 29 June 10am-5pm

Here she is in the Woolclip shop in Caldbeck.