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(Re)Mind Your Body

Move without Effort: practical fun Feldenkrais Workshop 

February 8th 2020 Saturday 10.30 – 14.30 

Friends Meeting House, Meeting House Lane

Penrith CA11 7TR

The student in the foreground is not using muscular effort to maintain the position (!) - her structure provides the balance she needs. She can’t move, though.

Lessons from the Feldenkrais Movement Method enable you to experience using physics (bony levers against gravity) and engineering (the shape of your joints dictate what's possible) to maximise your movement efficiency - to move with ease and enjoy doing it.

You need the big skeletal muscles to move you in space. So what holds you up? We will do a postural 'cylinder' lesson to sense the springy tonus that does maintain posture, and another to remind us of the subtle play of flexors and extensors finetuned together.

0797 796 1563

Virginia Taylor PhD, FG(UK)

Booking essential £26 on door - £19 in advance –

Penrith workshops March 8,NOT APRIL, May 2, June 6, July 4.