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(Re)Mind Your Body

Regular Group classes

Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement = ATM

My colleagues on my Feldenkrais training in Malmo, Sweden,demonstrating an 'ATM' class ... movement starts in the brain!!

Penrith: Wednesdays 4.30

Garden Room @ Eden Health & Wellbeing Hub Penrith Hospital CA11 8HX

This is an established class - contact to enquire if a space


Classes bookable monthly in advance (first class of month) @ £6 (planned absences free, illness considered sympathetically.)

Stand-by classes £7 - still advisable to book, limited capacity.

Penrith: Fridays 2.00 - this time will now be our weekly Dance for Parkinson's session.

Garden Room @ Eden Health & Wellbeing Hub Penrith Hospital CA11 8HX 

If you are interested in Balance, Stand, and Go! do get in touch and we can restart this session which comprises:

Enjoyable, easy, and effective movement programme for older people (and others) who want to tune up their balance, confidence, and mobility

Draws with permission on the Getting Grounded Gracefully Exercise Programme by Robert Webb, designed to improve balance and function in older people –

Australian trial showed significant improvement over 8 weeks. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 2009, 17, 57-76 © 2009 Human Kinetics, Inc.

This class also draws on Ruthy Alon's Bones for Life programme, dance, music, and physio exercises. We aim to have fun and talk to each other.

Please contact to discuss

Classes are by donation in the pot - £1 to £5 suggested

How can Feldenkrais help you?

By heightening your awareness of your movement, breathing and posture, the Feldenkrais Method® can permanently improve your posture, balance and coordination. It is entirely practical and requires no signing-up to a belief system. You engage your attention - your awareness is employed as a physiological activity in dialogue with your movement. Have a look at the page 'What is Feldenkrais?'. Feldenkrais is optimistic (you can change things and things can get better without aggressive intervention). It works because your nervous system is intelligent and given good ideas can adopt them easily. Feldenkrais is interesting to do, non-competitive, and non 'judgmental'. You learn or re-learn to move more freely, with greater ease, flexibility and grace. It is very surprising...