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(Re)Mind Your Body



3 November 2018 Saturday 10.30 – 14.30

Friends/Quaker Meeting House, Meeting House Lane, Penrith CA11 7TR

The good news about these bits of us is that they are incredibly mobile and loosely linked together. It's almost spookily easy to readjust them (shoulders and all attachments) into a more comfortable place - but alas sometimes they have taken your spine (usually neck) off up the garden path for years and got that set that into an inefficient habit. That's where thinking about the sternum comes in - via the ribs it connects with your spine. The ribs are a biddable area too. They can send a helpful suggestion to your spine. So if your neck has a nice foundation to sit on, maybe it can rest there.If you have an injury, it will take longer to work out what to do but do not despair.

Nice lessons to do AND if you do the lessons with a useful approach (trying, not trying, sensing with sensitivity) they can have an instant effect. I hope that you can leave the workshop with some clear thoughts and feelings how to hang on to better organisation - how to self-care over how you hold yourself while you are doing all the things (yep, writing at keyboard) that tempt us into kyphosis , tortoise neck, and all the other joys of 21st century being human.

£25 on door - £18 in advance (refund no, ‘exchange’ yes)

Virginia Taylor 0797 796 1563 or contact through this website